Dead Sea

Being the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is considered one of the most important and exciting health resorts in the world, known historically for its rich mineral content that is highly used as a medical prescription for many diseases, and a source for sterilization and youth renewal.

The hot and relatively high salinity water of the Dead Sea is four times saltier than the ordinary seawater, and is considered one of its most distinctive features. Its rich combination of natural deposits of potash, bromine, magnesium chloride, and other minerals have attracted visitors and tourists throughout history to float on their backs and enjoy the Dead Sea’s healthy water and the warm Jordanian sun. .

The secret of the Dead Sea is embodied in the unique chemical composition of its water, fresh oxygen saturated air, charming sun light, black mud filled with natural minerals on the shores of the Dead Sea, and the hot springs flowing on its banks.

The fortune of the Dead Sea is the substantial natural value it yields. The black mineral mud and pure water are the backbone of Natural Care’s products which are mixed with the essence of medical and natural oils and charming perfumes to take care of your health and beauty.

11 of the Dead Seas’ 23 minerals do not exist in any other sea in the world. These minerals are fundamental in developing our salt scrubs that effectively make your skin feel smooth and help to relax the body. It also assists in the reduction of water retention in the feet.

The significant mix of minerals that exist in the water of the Dead Sea, as in magnesium and sulfur highly contribute in healing different kinds of skin and bone diseases.

Stemming from the rich heritage and expertise of our grandfathers, Natural Care has been able to skillfully extract the essence of the natural plants that grow on the banks of The Jordan River and mix it with Natural Care’s special formula to make your skin, hair, and body feel healthier and more vibrant.

Natural Care prides itself in adopting innovation and creativity from nature to provide only quality products made for its consumers.

The Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Aloe Vera
A rich emollient known to promote healing for damaged or dry skin and impairs the ability of viruses to infect healthy T-cells, including retroviruses like HIV.

It is the fibrous protein constituent of skin, responsible for skin elasticity, and it controls cell shape differentiation and degradation that leads to wrinkles caused by aging. .

Improves the health and longevity of individual body cells and therefore prolongs the life of the body, and is used especially as a strong antiseptic for the skin.

Sage has been considered valuable when applied externally, it has properties common to aromatics, and it provides the skin softness and relaxation.

Used to treat problem skin since ancient times for its sedative and emollient properties. A softening agent for rough or irritated skin. It has many healing properties for the body like soothing, calming, sedative, relaxation, anti-inflammatory, tenseness, aching muscles, indigestion, acidity, hay fever, asthma, eczema, and exhaustion.


It is an oil easily absorbed by the skin and scalp, it is a good source of vitamins A, D and E, and amino acids. Improves skin elasticity, miniaturization, stimulated collagen synthesis, and it repairs the skin barrier. It has film-forming properties, stops trans-epidermal water loss, keeps coenocytes well conjoin, and is recommended for chronic eczema and other skin disorders.

It creates a protective film over the skin that helps keep moisture highly effective on dry or sun-damaged skin.

Vitamin E
Natural vitamin E is an essential vitamin in which helps boost the immune system, and promotes healthy cardiovascular function.

Genger Roots
It encourages the removal of toxins (as a diaphoretic) through the skin. The ginger inhibits the growth of skin cancers.

Ensuring Your Safety we do not test products on animals. We guarantee the safety of the products by using
ingredients that have been used reliably for many years, along with effective amounts of preservatives common in cosmetics.